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Coronavirus warning as Cannock Chase infection rates surge

A surge in Covid cases in Cannock has prompted a warning for people to take precautions.

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Covid cases have risen in Cannock

Cannock Chase district currently has one of the highest cases in the West Midlands - 489 per 100,000 residents, with a particular rise in cases for 11 to 17-year-olds.

Health leaders at Staffordshire County Council have advised people take "sensible precautions" when out and about, to avoid spreading the virus, including wearing a face covering in crowded areas and and staying two metres apart where possible.

Residents are also being asked to test themselves regularly—twice a week if possible—at home, and get a PCR test if they start experiencing symptoms.

Parents of pupils aged 11 and over are also being asked to keep testing their children regularly, to avoid any potential spread inside school.

Council health boss Dr Johnny McMahon said: "We're seeing an increase in coronavirus cases across the county, but Cannock Chase is the highest by some way. It's important that we do everything we can to stop this rise, and there are some sensible precautions we can take to address this.

"Wearing a face covering in busy or tight spaces, or on public transport, practising social distancing wherever possible, and regular testing of yourself and your family are all ways that can help stop the spread. Getting a vaccine when eligible is also another important way people can protect themselves against the virus.

"A rise in Covid cases was always inevitable as restrictions are lifted, but there are still things we can do to stop this rise and continue to enjoy our freedoms."

Cannock Chase Council's health boss Councillor Val Jones, said: "At times cases in our district have been among the lowest in Staffordshire but this shows how quickly the situation can change. The Delta variant is very infectious and so I would urge all our residents to take care and be on their guard.

"Vaccinations are helping to avoid more serious cases and as a district we are above the average for vaccination uptake. But this virus hasn't gone away. This unwelcome label as currently the worst in the region for case numbers shows the need to be vigilant and the importance of looking after one another."

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