New visor created to protect dentists reopening amid coronavirus concerns

A dentist has invented a new visor which has gone into production to help protect colleagues during the coronavirus outbreak.

Richard Howarth wearing the Provizage visor
Richard Howarth wearing the Provizage visor

Richard Howarth, who lives in Edgmond, near Newport, has created Provizage – a visor he says will make sure dentists can see clearly to treat patients while also protecting them from any splashes and splatters.

The design is being patented and manufacturing is already under way.

It comes as dental practices can start reopening from today, after being closed for weeks due to the Covid-19 crisis.

Mr Howarth, who works as a private dentist at Smile Style Dental Care Centre in Stafford, said: “Dentists across the country will need to wear visors to protect them against splashes and splatters that are created during normal treatments.

"We use water a lot, so drilling fillings or even scaling and polishing can create aerosols and splashes.

"These can transmit coronavirus from patient to dentist easily unless they wear appropriate PPE.

“It’s important that the dentist shouldn’t look like Darth Vader when treating patients, so the visor I’ve made has a large clear screen, so the patient can see their dentist who can then wear a protective mask behind the visor."

He says the visor also has some other advantages for dentists.

Unlike conventional visors, it doesn't attach to the head.

“Splashes and splatters come from below you when you’re treating a patient," Mr Howarth said.

"With a conventional visor these might get underneath the screen.

"The visor I’ve invented protects the neck and face from this, with a liquid repellent collar and a robust screen that can be wiped down and disinfected between patients."

He says the screen has very high optical quality which a conventional disposable visor doesn't.

It also lets dentists wear loupes comfortably that magnify the mouth, giving them a better view.

The new visor is being made in the UK and Mr Howarth says he has already had a number of orders from interested dentists.

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