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Inquests held into deaths of Covid-19 patients

Inquests have been held into the deaths of two people who had a fall then tested positive for Covid-19 in hospital.


Terence Riddle, of Deans Road, Heath Town, Wolverhampton, had an unwitnessed fall at home on March 5, and was sent to New Cross Hospital A&E by his GP, where he was found to have a left neck of femur fracture and an acute kidney injury, the inquest heard.

The 78-year-old retired crane operative became increasingly confused and had a fall on March 18 in hospital, he was put in antibiotics but deteriorated and tested positive for Covid-19, area coroner Joanne Lees said.

Mrs Lees added: "He was transferred to West Park Hospital and passed away on April 10.

"His family thought he had dementia but it wasn't diagnosed.

"His cause of death was Covid-19 positive, with hospital-acquired pneumonia and acute kidney injury, fractured neck of femur and diabetes."

Mrs Lees concluded Mr Riddle's death was an accident.

Keith Hughes, of Amberley Care Home, Stourbridge, was admitted to Russells Hall Hospital after an unwitnessed fall on March 18 where he tested positive for coronavirus.

The 61-year-old retired transport manager had an X-ray which showed he had a left femur periprosthetic and had open reduction and internal fixation surgery.

Mrs Lees said he was hypertensive post surgery, and developed a cough and fever and tested positive for Covid-19.

She said: "He was kept comfortable on end of life care and passed away on April 11.

"Mr Hughes's cause of death was Covid-19 pneumonia and left femur periprosthetic fracture open reduction and internal fixation done and frailty.


"The fall led to his admission to hospital leading to a requirement for surgery, most likely leading to the development of Covid-19 pneumonia."

Mrs Lees concluded Mr Hughes's fall led to a natural death in a narrative conclusion.

Marjorie Holmes, was a patient at Marborough House, in Parklands Court, Walsall, with deteriorating health and was suspected as having Covid-19 when she died, her inquest heard.

The 76-year-old's daughter said she had been in the care home since 2015 and suffered with dementia and had deteriorated, Mrs Lees said.

She added: "She had been bed ridden for two years, was unable to speak, walk or mobilise at all.

"Mrs Holmes's cause of death was respiratory failure, suspected Covid-19 and dementia."

Mrs Lees recorded a conclusion of natural causes.

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