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How Wolverhampton has been named 'takeaway capital' of the UK

Wolverhampton has been crowned the number one city in the UK for takeaways, according to new research.

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Wolverhampton is home to the third cheapest Chicken chow mein

The sports team at Betway looked at over 30 cities across the country, assessing the average price for pizza, Chinese, and Indian takeaways, as well as the number of takeaway restaurants offering each cuisine, to crown the takeaway capitals of the UK.

Coming in as the number one spot for Chinese takeaways, Wolverhampton is home to the third cheapest chicken chow mein, with the dish averaging £8.10.

There are also 585 different places to pick this takeaway in the city, which is the highest amount across the whole of the UK.

Wolverhampton is also one of the top spots for Indian takeaways.

In particular, there are 587 Indian takeaway spots in the city or 23 per every 10,000 people.

Coming in as the second-best city in the UK for takeaways is Birmingham.

The city ranks as the best in the country for Indian takeaways, with a chicken tikka masala costing an average of £9.49.

Birmingham has a huge 585 different Indian takeaway spots on offer.

Ranked highly for the price of its Chinese takeaways too, a classic chicken chow mein costs just £7.95 in the city.

In third place is Luton, with the city receiving particular praise for the variety of its takeaway spots.

In particular, there are 565 Indian and 545 Chinese takeaway places on offer across the city — this equates to 21 Chinese takeaway places per every 10,000 people.

Residents can also order a chicken chow mein for as little as £8.99.

According to the research, Liverpool is the official ‘pizza capital’ of the UK.

The average price of a Margherita in the city is as low as £5.88 — which makes it the cheapest place to pick up a takeaway pizza in the whole country.

Meanwhile, the cheapest chicken chow mein can be found in Hull, with the northern city serving the classic dish for as low as £7.87.

Blackpool’s chicken tikka masalas average at just £8.04 — the lowest price of all cities analysed.

The full research can be viewed at

Betway pulled together a seedlist of the top 30 cities in the UK.

It then used Uber Eats data to determine the best cities for takeaways.

The cities were ranked according to the cost of a pizza, Indian and Chinese and the number of takeaways where they could be bought.