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The name game: West Midlands businesses nominated for punny titles

Two West Midlands businesses have been nominated for this year's Funniest Names of the Year award.

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Live and Let Dye is also one of those in the running for the 'punniest shop name'

Balti Towers, in Halesowen, and Live and Let Dye, in Stafford, have both been nominated as having the funniest shop names in this year's 'Punniest Shop Name' award by Babbel.

The two businesses were chosen for their comedic name, with each competing against nine other businesses in the West Midlands for the hilarious award.

Balti Towers, in Long Lane, Halesowen, is a bring-you-own-bottle, award-winning British Kashmiri bistro, that was named after the iconic British comedy show featuring John Cleese, and Fawlty Towers.

Balti Towers, in Long Lane, Halesowen

Also in the running is Staffords Live and Let Dye, a hairdresser on Malt Mill Lane, that is known for its generous reviews online.

Talking about the awards on their website, organisers Babbel, said: "Puns are a very British pastime, and form the backbone of many cringe-inducing dad jokes.

"However, our amusement at such wordplay is completely baffling to many overseas. Babbel is celebrating this peculiarly British form of humour by launching a nationwide search for the UK’s best pun-powered shop name".

Mohammed Habib, owner of Balti Towers, said: "It's fantastic news! We have actually been open for around 32 years now. Over the years the name has always stayed the same.

"It was my who brother actually started the business, I think he chose the name because he was clearly a fan of Fawlty Towers. All we are waiting for now is for John Cleese to come down and try our food."

Also in the runnings in the West Midlands category are fan favourites, Rice To Meet You, a sushi restaurant in Birmingham, Apocalypse Cow, a BBQ restaurant in Birmingham and The Pork of the Town, a hot dog van in Coventry.

Hayley Nixon, owner of Live and Let Dye, said: "I'm really shocked that we have been nominated for this and so happy for the shop to be on the list. I'm so grateful."

The winner of their individual polls will be crowned the "UK's punniest shop name" for their region. For a full list of all candidates included in the Babbel survey and to cast your vote, visit

As always the lists miss out on some of the greats, so we have compiled our top six choices of some of the punniest businesses monikers we have seen in the Black Country and slightly further afield.

Whoops a Daisy, Alcester Road, Kings Heath. This lovely flower shop owner must have made a mistake when they named their business, never mind though, we still love it.

Fall in love with Woops a Daisy flowers

Our Plaice, Dudley Road, Halesowen. This chippy utilised the name of a common flatfish for their moniker in a brilliant turn of phrase that got us chuckling.

Bring the chippy to Our Plaice, with Our Plaice chip shop

Under Pressure Espresso, Birmingham Road, Sutton Coldfield. The owners of this little coffee shop fit two jokes in their creative name, referencing the classic song by Queen, and also the process of making espresso coffee.

Say 'Ee do ba de' as you sip your coffee at Under Pressure Espresso

Hardwok, Hardwick Road, Sutton Coldfield. Sutton Coldfield residents must be among the funniest, as these hardwoking shop owners also chose an especially punny name for their takeaway.

What's better after a hard days work than a Hardwok takeaway

Kent's Tuck Inn Fried Chicken, The Arcade, Dudley. If you say this chicken shop's name fast enough, you may be in for a lawsuit.

Kent's Tuck Inn Fried Chicken is a lawsuit waiting to happen

Sam and Ella's cafe, Spring Road, Wolverhampton. I'm sure this cafe serves some fantastic food, however the name is leaving us with a bit of an upset tummy.

Sam and Ella's Cafe serves some good food, but the name leaves us with a poorly tummy

Do know any other punny business names in the Black Country? Send your best shop names to