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The 'only' Wolverhampton takeaway offering HMC certified halal meat

A Wolverhampton takeaway has become a culinary destination for those seeking a taste of authentic halal cuisine in the city with its diverse menu, commitment to quality, and flavours.

Brothers Names Uzair Khan 21 Araib 27, who run the Wolverhampton branch.

Makhalal, on Queen Street, has established itself as a go-to spot for food enthusiasts looking to embark on a flavourful journey.

Located in the heart of the city, Makhalal offers a wide range of halal dishes that cater to various tastes and preferences.

The takeaway business has branches all over the region, including Walsall, Birmingham, and a new branch is set to open in West Bromwich.

The diverse menu at Makhalal reflects the multicultural nature of Wolverhampton. It offers a wide range of options to suit different dietary preferences, including vegetarian and vegan choices. This inclusivity ensures that everyone can find something delicious to enjoy, making it a popular choice for families and groups with diverse tastes.

Makhalal, Wolverhampton

The two brothers, Uzair Khan, 21, and Araib Khan, 27, who run Makhalal in Wolverhampton said that they pride themselves on its prompt and friendly service.

The two brothers run the branch alongside business partners Farid Ahmed, and Khalid Khan, and they said:"We strive to go above and beyond to ensure that every customer feels welcomed and well taken care of.

"Whether you're a regular patron or a first-time visitor, you can expect a warm smile and attentive service that adds to the overall dining experience.

Brothers Names Uzair Khan 21 Araib 27, who run the Wolverhampton branch.

"Makhalal's popularity extends beyond its delicious food and excellent service. The establishment actively participates in community events and initiatives, supporting local charities and organisations. This commitment to giving back to the community is commendable and adds an extra layer of appreciation for the establishment.

"We feel proud to be apart of the transformation of Wolverhampton's dining scene, and as it continues to evolve, Makhalal remains a steadfast presence, consistently delivering exceptional halal cuisine."

The two brothers also added that they believe Makhalal in Wolverhampton is the only takeaway business to be serving halal HMC certified meat, which is checked and regulated by authorities who issue the certificate.

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