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Shropshire man who spent 48 years with the same pen company signs off after long career

A traditional Midlands pen company has bid farewell to a loyal worker who has retired from the company after nearly 50 years - and who landed his first job there when the MD gave him a lift.

Michael Homer of Manuscript in Highley is retiring after 48 years

Established in Highley, near Bridgnorth, in 1947, Manuscript - then the Highley Pen Company - has been making pen nibs and pen clips in the heart of Shropshire for decades.

Mike Homer, who describes himself as "born and bred Highley", began working for The Highley Pen Company in 1975 after a fortuitous meeting with the then managing director.

"I was hitch-hiking in 1975," Mike explained. "The managing director picked me up, we got talking and he offered me a job. I think I must've enjoyed it!"

Michael Homer

Now, 48 years later, Mike has put down his pen for the last time. During his long career at the company, Mike, now 67, performed a range of roles - most recently in purchasing and planning.

Mike's colleague of 47 years, Nigel Preece, said: "Mike's done pretty well every job in the company.

"I started in 1976 so I've worked with him pretty much our entire working lives. Like me, he only came for a short time - and look at us now!

"Mike's been loyal to the company through thick and thin; there have been some tough times and he's always stuck with them.

"He's very laidback, easygoing and very clever - he's been an asset to the company throughout his life."

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