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Severn Trent opens its 2023 apprenticeship scheme

Severn Trent is reminding those looking to take the plunge into the world of water that it has now opened its 2023 apprenticeship scheme.

Andrew Dickinson

The company is inviting the next generation of industry experts to join the FTSE 100 water and waste business, as it’s set to take on its biggest intake, with up to 130 job opportunities available.

Severn Trent’s offering roles right across it’s region in a number of varied positions, and currently has over 200 apprentices in various roles.

It also encourages anyone at any stage in their life to think about apprenticeships, to learn a new field and take on a career change as it challenges the idea that apprenticeships are for school leavers.

Andrew Dickinson, 35, joined Severn Trent as an adult apprentice in 2021.

After working in the charity sector he changed career paths and joined the company on their apprentice scheme and is now working as a Health, Safety and Wellbeing Analyst.

Andrew said: “During lockdown there was a lot of time to think about future plans and I decided that a fresh start would be something that would be an exciting challenge.

"I was looking for a change where I could work at a company that would support me to develop new skills whilst utilising those I already had, and Severn Trent appealed to me because it offered all of this.

“I would say the apprenticeship route is an excellent way to take a change in direction on a career path. Having a good balance between learning theoretically as well as practically is a big incentive as you’re putting into practice what you’ve been studying. “I’m really excited about what the future holds for me here and starting my new career.”

Severn Trent’s also named as one of the top employers for improving social mobility, with 41 per cent of its current apprentices joining from social mobility cold spots. It’s apprenticeship programme works hard to widen access for individuals in the community and challenges the idea that apprentices are only for school leavers.

It’s also seeing a positive increase in the number of female apprentices, in an industry that has traditionally been male dominated.

Jade Pearson, New Talent Lead at Severn Trent said: “We’re incredibly proud of our apprentice programme, and every year it’s getting stronger. What’s more wonderful to see is the diverse range of apprentices that choose to join our industry.

"We want to inspire and educate our communities that apprenticeships can be for everyone, whether your leaving school or college, returning to work, or wanting an opportunity to re-skill and change careers. We welcome applications from everyone no matter who they are, and what stage in their life or career they are.”

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