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Ladder campaign backed by Education Secretary Gavin Williamson

Education Secretary Gavin Williamson has offered his support to the relaunch of the Ladder for Shropshire campaign.

Education Secretary Gavin Williamson

There are many young people who come out of schools, colleges and universities really wanting help to get a foot on the ladder in order to be able to get into their first job.

For them to get the skills and training they need, there is no better way than through an apprenticeship, which can open up doors and opportunities that will set them up for life.

The Shropshire Star Ladder for Shropshire scheme has given countless young people the opportunity to get the skills they need to go into their chosen profession.

It is great to see this scheme relaunched this year and I really want to see everyone getting behind it.

It makes a huge difference to young people, but also for the businesses that take part in it. They benefit massively as well, in terms getting young talent into work and really helping to drive their businesses forward.

It's about getting that next generation into work. Over the last few years we have seen so many apprentices who started out on the Ladder establishing themselves within businesses, rising through the ranks and going on to achieve great things.

There is nothing better than being able to earn and learn at the same time, and what better way of doing it than through an apprenticeship.

Many of the skills that this country is short of are best delivered and learned through apprenticeships, which give people that opportunity to put money in their pockets, helping businesses and the economy grow as they themselves grow and develop.

These are the skills that will set them up for life.

And as we look forward to coming out of the pandemic, making sure we have a workforce with the right skills becomes even more vital.

Some of the skills that businesses need are changing. There is a greater need for digital skills, for example.

For our economy to thrive into the future we need a broad range of talents, and crucially, we need the opportunities to be there for young people to develop their skills in the workplace.

As we attempt to move beyond Covid-19, the Ladder has a major role to play in helping young people and businesses to thrive.

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