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No question... David is tops at quiz shows

He has appeared on everything from Sale of the Century to Eggheads.


Now comedian David St John is set to make his 28th quiz show appearance after winning his way on to Face the Clock.

The 64-year-old has been appearing on quiz shows for more than 30 years and is hailed as one of the country's most prolific contestants.

His latest game show appearance will be on the Channel 4 show, hosted by impressionist Rory Bremner, and saw him travel to a chilly Scotland for filming.

"The studio was on an industrial estate north of Glasgow," said Mr St John, who is from Cannock. "It was freezing and the crew kept handing out coats and hot water bottles during the break but at least it kept my brain fresh."

His appearance will be screened on Tuesday at 3.30pm.

Mr St John's love affair with game shows began in 1982 when he appeared on Sale of the Century, where one of the hostesses was also from Cannock.

He stormed to victory and won two motorcycles before going on to face Daphne Fowler, now known as a team member on BBC two show Eggheads, in an Australian version of the show.

He has also come up against Anne Robinson in The Weakest Link in 2001, Channel 4 show Fifteen to One in 1997, Chain Letters in 1987 and the Winner Takes All in 1987.

As a comedian and performer since the age of 10, Mr St John also appeared on Star Quality, which was hosted by Gyles Brandreth.

He even performed a short stand up routine as part of the appearance.

Mr St John said his love for quiz shows stems from a love of books and exams.

"I've always had my nose in some book or other and I always loved exams.

"I love taking part in any TV quiz show and to win is a bonus. If I lose then it makes me more determined to win the next one."

One of Mr St John's more recent appearances has been on popular quiz show The Chase, hosted by Bradley Walsh.

He also captained a team on Eggheads, as well as Wordplay and the Rovers Return Quiz.

But he has vowed to continue appearing on game shows and to one day achieve his goal of competing on the "holy grail" of quiz shows, Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

And what is the ultimate goal for someone who loves entertaining and quiz shows?

"I'd love to host my own game show," he says.

As a comedian himself, one of Mr St John's highlights was appearing on Wipeout when he met his comedy idol Bob Monkhouse.

"It was so great to meet him, as we traded some gags and I did win the show outright," he said.

Another highlight was travelling to Australia to compete on Sale of the Century as part of a Great British team of champions.

"I took a phone call thinking this was a wind-up, as some person asked me if I was interested in going to Australia," he said.

"I discovered they were auditioning a few Sale of the Century champions, to take part in an 'Ashes' type contest, competing against the Australian all winners.

"I went to London and was auditioned, interviewed, photographed and then waited for the call, which came a week later."

The show also saw him come up against now-Egghead Daphne Fowler, who he came face-to-face with again some years later on the popular daytime show.

Joined by four fellow comedians, he took on the Eggheads in 2008.

In the end, the comics did not manage to defeat the Eggheads.

"I had been a fan of this great show and thought it would be a good idea to rake up a team of fellow comedy acts to face this amazing team of the UK's finest quizzers, despite it being quite a daunting task," he said.

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