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Britain's Got Talent's singing sensation Amy Lou makes Tipton pledge ahead of final

Britain's Got Talent finalist Amy Lou Smith thanked "the best town in the world Tipton" for the support she has received.

Amy Lou brought the audience to their feet with her performance on Britain's Got Talent. Photo: ITV

The mother-of-two is currently in a London hotel with her children preparing for the biggest night of her life on Sunday when she again will sing live in front of the nation.

Her boss at JuicyTubes tanning salon in Tipton is organising another watching party at Tipton Sports Academy Social Club.

Nicki Price said: "She had to turn her phone off for the rest of the week because she is preparing for the final and the ITV bosses don't want her speaking to anyone.

"So when she sent the video of her thanking everyone it was really emotional, she is down there on her own with her kids, following her dream when all we can do is wait to see her on television."

The Tipton Academy Social Club was packed for Amy Lou

The Tipton singer captured the hearts of the nation when she sang for judges whilst pregnant and eventually gave birth the night her audition aired on ITV.

Amy Lou filmed the video in her hotel hours before she wowed the judges and voters with a note perfect performance. She qualified for the final after the public vote revealed she came second behind the winner, an inspirational one legged dancer, when judges could not decide between Amy Lou and another singer.

It was bedlam at the social club as more than 200 of Amy Lou erupted in joy when her name was read out by Ant and Dec. Before the semi-final her video was played to everyone in the room.

Amy Lou said: "I am mindblown and flabbergasted at the support you lot have given me during this process. I will never forget it for as long as I live.

"No matter where you go in the world there is nowhere like Tipton, whatever happens, such a small community comes together.

"Tipton having my back means the world to me, thanks to everyone, for sharing on Facebook, from putting a poster in your shop windows, cars or houses."

She added: "I am going to bring it home for Tipton, the last famous person from Tipton was Stevie Bull it will be nice if I can put it on the map again."