Jimmy Osmond is ready for a Boogie Nights party at Wolverhampton Civic Hall

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Let's start at the end. When it's time for Jimmy Osmond to call it a day, he does so with good grace.

Most performers betray themselves in the final minutes of an interview: their voices tail off, they offer false platitudes, they reveal their disinterest in the process of promotion.

Not Jimmy. As our interview winds down, it seems as though he – rather than me – is keen to talk for longer. And when it comes to the end, he's remarkably upbeat. "See you at the party, see you soon, man."

Osmond is back on the road to star in Boogie Nights, the 70s musical. He starred in the award-winning show in 2004 and is looking forward to reprising the role."

"I'm thrilled to once again be a part of the amazing energy of this great show. My brothers, Merrill and Jay and I had so much fun on our 2012 record-breaking tour, I'm excited they have agreed to join in on the fun and continue the party.

"They are really looking forward to doing something a little different than our usual concert appearances."

Jimmy visited the Midlands in March last year, when The Osmonds brought their final UK tour to Theatre Severn, in Shrewsbury.

"The tour was the best tour we ever did. It was the last of the big tours for us. We'll still do the odd date but no more than that.

"What was nice about it was that we had to go all around the country. In a lot of the places we visited, I felt as though we belonged. We changed the act right there and then, on the spot, depending on what the audience wanted.


"To me, that was great. My brothers were playing their own instruments and it was fun to do that again. We were harmonising and doing things that we hadn't rehearsed: the whole tour was kinda cool."

Jimmy is an unashamed 'road-dog'. "We grew up working on the road. I've been doing it ever since I was a little kid. We had a really cool bus and we'd hop on it and watch movies. It was the life of an entertainer."

Jimmy's brothers will join him for Boogie Nights after he made a request to the show's producers.

"I had already committed to doing Boogie Nights. When my brothers heard about it they asked if they could join up, so I phoned up the producer.


"I said 'How about you have the whole band' and he got really excited. It all came together.

"We're normal, we're like any other family. We have our rows and we have our moments.

"But that last tour, when we came to Shrewsbury, was so good that we just craved the experience of getting back on the road and doing it all again.

"I think I was the beneficiary of my brothers' hard work. They've been going for 54 years now and I've been at it for 47.

"I think we were at the right place at the right time and people got to know us as people, rather than just performers.

"We grew up on TV. In those days, it wasn't like the X Factor, when you have success and then you are gone. There was so much intensity and focus on people like us and The Jacksons: we were built to last."

Jimmy's memories are a little hazy. "It was kind of a blur that went so quickly. Thank goodness our lives were so well documented. I look at the people who helped us and I am blown away that we had so many chances to hit the ball.

"If I could do it again, I would enjoy the moment a lot more, I would reach out to friends more than I did. But because our schedule was so crazy, my brothers became my best friends.

"It is remarkable that we can carry on – I'd do the shows for free. We get paid for all this messing around.

"It is such a great job, if you want to call it that, to be able to go out for two hours and be a part of something that makes people forget their troubles. It's the best job in the world. See you at the party, see you soon, man."

Boogie Nights with The Osmonds and Gareth Gates will headline Wolverhampton Civic Hall on Thursday (February 7) and tickets are available from the venue.

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