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Food review: The Crown at Wergs is a delightful mix of traditional and modern

I had heard so many rave reviews about the food at The Crown, Wergs, a real country pub in Wolverhampton, that I just had to pay a visit and try one of their famous Sunday roasts.

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The Crown, Wergs

I had made a booking as I was informed that on Sundays they only allow bookings to dine, and no walk-ins, and so, on arrival I was swiftly taken to my seating area along with my partner.

The Crown is described as a premium pub, bar and restaurant and on first look, it delivers on that statement, it has a quality look to it and feel so it.

The bar area is modern, stylish and well presented as the centre of the building, with dining either side of it along with seating areas for drinkers, along with roaring log fires.

The Crown, Wergs

Situated in Tettenhall, The Crown does bring both the traditional country pub feel along with modern decor, which creates the ultimate contemporary dining experience.

It is stylishly furnished, and moving onto the food, which is what I was there for, it offers a vast menu all-week round, and on Sunday it has a set menu that offers seasonal dishes, mouthwatering tempting desserts, and a wide-range of drinks.

Once seated, I had a browse through the Sunday menu, which after a bit of research, isn't too different to the menu of foods that is served all week.

Browsing through the starters, I was instantly tempted by the chipotle sticky chicken, which is a starter I have often enjoyed at Miller & Carter, and so I chose to go for this, and my partner chose a classic tomato soup that comes with warm rustic bread.

Chipotle sticky chicken and Rustic tomato & basil soup @ The Crown, Wergs.

Whilst waiting for our starters we ordered drinks and again, there is an array of options, which made me feel like I need to return just to have some social drinks. I stuck with a non-alcoholic beverage today, and it was the signature house soda with pineapple flavouring, and wow, for a basic soda, it was genuinely really good - a refreshing, tasty beverage.

Moving onto mains, I wanted one thing and one thing only, a Sunday roast dinner. I have been told so much about the quality of the food and drink here at The Crown, and so, I did exactly that, I went for a roast pork belly that comes with crackling, stuffing wrapped in bacon, along with all the trimmings such as roasted potatoes, sauteed greens, roasted root vegetables, Yorkshire pudding and bottomless gravy.

My partner wanted a lamb roast but unfortunately they do not have one on their menu, and so she chose the roast duo beef.

I would like to make a special mention to the trio of roasts though - I was SO tempted to try this but then the thought of three meats, crackling and all the trimmings made me full, and so I stuck with the pork belly, but the trio again, is something I will be returning for - spoiler alert, I enjoyed the food so much, I will be returning.

Roast pork belly dinner and Roast duo of beef dinner @ The Crown, Wergs

Whilst waiting for our food and drinks to arrive, we were taking in the setting and it genuinely is a modern pub/restaurant that maintains its tag of being classy, modern, traditional and everything inbetween - it's genuinely a quaint, stylistic ol' place.

Our starters arrived and I tucked into my sticky chipotle chicken, which is Karaage fried chicken thighs coated in sticky chipotle sauce and chilli jam, and it was divine! Yes, very basic and not quite a daring dish, but the chicken was fried to perfection - crispy, tasty, but not burnt and the sauce coating was not overbearing but the right amount, and combined together, it was a delightful starter.

Portion sizes are certainly reasonable, with four chicken thighs and for £7.75, I don't think is a bad deal - so much so that we ordered a second plate.

I could not try any of my partner's tomato soup as it contains nuts and I of course have a nut allergy - which was another thing that was carefully taken into consideration by the staff.

Roast pork belly dinner @ The Crown, Wergs

The tomato soup, I was told was so good, enough to have as a main meal, a nice, hot temperature, perfect and not too hot that it scolded her mouth, and very tasty.

Moving onto the mains - the Sunday roast, the main reason I was sat here at The Crown on Wergs Road in Tettenhall.

The tradition of a Sunday roast is one that is enjoyed across the country, and I was hoping to be one of many people tucking into a plate of meaty, potato-ey goodness.

Starting on the portion size, it was very reasonable and generous with a lot of meat, crackling, veg and potatoes, and one huge Yorkshire pudding - the same applied for my partner's beef roast.

Tucking in, the pork was cooked to perfection, succulent, juicy and at a perfectly warm temperature that again, it did not scold the mouth, but was savoured with every bite.

The roasted potatoes were quite considerably big, but again, cooked to perfection and the fluffy potato covered in gravy was exactly how I wanted it, with no undercooked taste or texture.

The roast duo of beef I was told tasted exquisite, with the beef cooked to perfection, not over done or undercooked - a perfect pink, and again, the portion size was something that stood out and impressed.

Home-baked chocolate brownie and ice cream, and Apple & damson crumble @ The Crown, Wergs

After wiping my plate clean, the roast dinner was a fantastic plate of goodness - the pork was cooked to perfection that it was not dry but moist, tasty with enough salt, and the crackling was an added bonus, along with the bacon wrapped stuffing. All that I was thinking whilst enjoying each bite was, I really cannot wait to be tucking into a big ol' Christmas dinner, with all the trimmings, and especially the pigs in blankets - which then made me think, I enjoyed the food here so much, I think I'm going to be making a booking to dine here at The Crown around the Christmas period.

Full, but as always, with room for dessert, we chose to go with a great offer of a mini-dessert and hot drink, but it genuinely was not mini, it was a perfectly sized dessert and portion that was more than enough.

I went with the home-baked chocolate brownie and ice cream along with a tangerine hot chocolate - which for £6.25 for the duo, I thought was great value for money - especially because the 'mini' dessert was far from mini.

My partner did not enjoy her apple & damson crumble as much, she enjoyed the crumble but was not too impressed with the custard which was a bit too thin.

Overall, I was genuinely impressed with the food that we ate at The Crown, Wergs - for a high-quality meal at a stylistic, traditional pub, it offers great value for money in a nice, relaxed, environment that has families, couples, large groups - all enjoying the quality food on offer. The staff as well deserve a mention for going above and beyond, always on hand to answer a question or take an order, it was a pleasant experience at The Crown, and I would rate it 8/10.

The Crown, Wergs, 83 Wergs Road, Wolverhampton, WV6 9BP

Sample menu


Chipotle Sticky Chicken - £7.75

Rustic Tomato & Basil Soup - £6.75

Artisan Rustic breads & Nocellara Olives - £6.75

Main dishes/Roasts:

Trio of Roasts - £20.50

Roast Pork Belly - £16.75

Freshly battered Cod & Chips - £16.50


Mini dessert & hot drink - £6.25

Home-baked Chocolate Brownie - £7.25

Lotus Biscoff Chocolate Bomb - £9.25

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