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Watch West Midlands Safari Park's baby giraffe get the 'zoomies' as he takes first steps outdoors

West Midlands Safari Park's newest baby giraffe was spotted getting a case of the 'zoomies' as he took his first excited steps among his new herd.


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Jolly boy, Mtembei, became the latest addition to the West Midlands Safari Park family when he was born on May 29, instantly becoming a fan favourite with visitors.

Two weeks on, Mtembei was allowed to join the rest of his new herd in the giraffe enclosure, with the happy calf spotted getting the zoomies as he ran around the larger paddock.

Head keeper of ungulates at the Bewdley attraction, Lisa Watkins, said: "Mtembei is two weeks old now and is thriving.

"The team are really excited that we have been able to let Mtembei out with the herd, to explore his new home and meet guests as they drive around the Safari. He really enjoyed galloping around, having a stretch and the rest of the herd were very excited to say 'hello'."

Mtembei makes an impression on Strider, the Park’s oldest giraffe

Although he was shy at first, the excitable calf soon came out of his shell, racing around the paddock, much to the pleasure of his giraffe family.

Ms Watkins added: "He is starting to show some of his personality, but I have no doubt we will see more of his character now he is exploring his new surroundings. He’s a relaxed calf and takes everything in his stride, just like his mum, Arusha, who is very attentive.

"We couldn’t be prouder. We will continue to get him used to the area and hope to mix him with other animals as soon as he is ready."

The calf’s mum, Arusha, was keeping a close eye on him, as he explored

Mtembei will spend the next few weeks in the giraffe habitat, but will hopefully be on the main Safari Drive in the near future, where he will mix with his new neighbours, the white rhinos, Congo buffalo, zebras and antelope.