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Watch: 'If I have to crawl, I'll be there' – Ozzy's determination to visit the Black Sabbath bench in Birmingham

Ozzy Osbourne has declared that he is more determined than ever to see the world-famous Black Sabbath bench in Birmingham.

The singer also talked about his youth growing up in the Birmingham area

The heavy metal legend's plans were revealed in a new video with their wife Sharon Osbourne, where Ozzy said he would be coming to see the bench even "if I have to crawl there".

In the video, Ozzy also recalled poignant moments from his childhood around Aston, including the passing of a 'dear friend' and 'minding cars for tips' during Aston Villa matches.

In the video, Sharon asks her husband, "How do you feel about the Black Sabbath bench in Birmingham?" to which Ozzy answers "It's an achievement. I mean, Black Sabbath, we all came from Birmingham, Aston precisely. I don't know how to thank you all enough."

The bench was erected in February 2019 and features Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler, Ozzy Osbourne and Bill Ward.

Sharon asked: "Did you ever think that, at any time, in your home town, there would be a bench with huge, huge pictures of Black Sabbath on?." Ozzy replied: "Never, never. I mean, It's fantastic."

The rock legend was then asked when he was going to visit the bench, and if they are 'going to make a day of it.'

Sharon said: "When are you going to go up and see it?" Ozzy said: "When I go up and see the Bull." Sharon then says "We're going to make a day of it right?" to which Ozzy replies: "Absolutely. A couple of days. There are some nice boutique hotels there.

"If I have to crawl, I'm going to be there! I'll be coming up very soon."

Ozzy was due to appear in Birmingham at the unveiling of the 2022 Commonwealth Games 'Raging Bull', which was recently named 'Ozzy', in commemoration of the icon; However the singer was taken ill and the event was instead attended by his wife, Sharon.

The singer also dipped into his past of living in the Aston area of Birmingham, saying that he remembers 'minding cars' for tips during football matches.

The singer said: "I remember when there were football matches on at the Villa. I used to mind cars and get a tip at the end of it. I remember my father coming out of the pub and singing on the bus.

"The thing about Aston, a lot of things have changed about it. My house in Lodge Road is still there and I sued to go up there all the time when I have a chance."

The exclusive interview video was sent as a 'thank you' gift to Mike Olley, general manager of Westside BID, who was behind the creation and upkeep of the bench on Broad Street.

The full video can be watched here.