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Interior Design Masters contestant Ben takes us into his Black Country home and childhood

In an exclusive interview with Interior Design Masters' Ben Irurzun, we learn about his love of the Black Country, how it influences his work, and what Alan Carr is really like...

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Interior Design Masters contestant Ben Iruzun, shows us around his home

The fifth series of Interior Design Masters blessed our screens this year in a spectacle that shows what entertainment TV should really be about – inspiring creativity in its viewers and portraying the true passion of its contestants.

In the first episode of the BBC design show we met Ben, a charismatic history buff who we later found out is always dressed to the nines. You just couldn't take your eyes off him.

Ben lives in Blakenhall with his partner, Daniel, who is a senior lecturer in Byzantine history at Birmingham University.

Having moved to the Black Country from San Sebastian, Ben spoke to us about his love of the region and how its rich history is something he will never take for granted.

Now that Ben has claimed his spot in the semi-finals, let's go back to when he first came to our screens and opened the country's eyes to a unique and awe-inspiring style of design.

Red details and Tiffany-style lampshades

"I have always loved interior design, and I have always loved Interior Design Masters, since the very first season," said Ben. "I was a very, very big fan of it. I originally applied for season four, but I wasn't surprised that I didn't get the call because my application was awful!

"When the day came up to apply for season five, I told myself to take the time to prepare it properly. All of my family and friends kept saying 'go for it, apply, you have nothing to lose' – and I got in, it was just such a dream.

"The driving agents were my loved ones and my huge desire to be a part of it because I loved it so much."