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Bird watchers go flapping mad as more parakeets spotted in the Black Country

More wild parakeets have been spotted in the West Midlands by eagle-eyed readers.

Jenny Caddy sent in this picture showing a flock of the birds enjoying her bird feeder

The colourful parrots have been spotted again in Sandwell Park as the first hatchlings spotted this year.

Pictures of the playful wild parakeets have flown in from Sandwell Valley Park, West Bromwich, with the birds being spotted darting between the trees looking for food.

The increased sighting of the birds has sparked concerns from wildlife experts, however, Sandwell residents have said the birds are always a delight to see.

The colourful birds were spotted darting between the trees in Sandwell Valley Park

Samantha Allbright, who lives in Newton, West Bromwich, said: "I did read a story saying they are an invasive species, but they are always so nice to see and hear.

"I saw some in Sandwell Valley Park last week, they're brilliant birds really. It's just a shame that they're seen as a bit of a vermin."

The birds were the squark when the birds were spotted in the Black Country just prior to winter, with wildlife experts saying the birds can now be spotted in nearly every area of the UK.

Daniel Munn, a surveyor with Oak Ecology, a wildlife surveyor, said the birds are becoming increasingly common, favouring taller trees with already present holes to burrow into.

Daniel Munn said: "They're amazing birds to see, they're not hard to spot, they are quite playful and can be seen darting between the trees. You can actually hear them before you see them.

"They favour taller trees with plenty of holes in them. They aren't naturally aggressive, but they are known to compete with other birds for food sources."

The colourful birds will become more common over the summer period as they begin to scour for food, with sightings coming from Sandwell Valley Park, Walsall Arboretum, and Wolverhampton's East Park.