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April Fools' Day: Five of the best pranks played this morning including EasyJet, Currys, Harry Kane and Leon

Today is April Fool’s day - how many pranks did you fall for?

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England captain Harry Kane - subject of a cunning plot by Germany to nobble him for the Euros

It's the only day in the calendar year when the truth is hard to come by. Across the web, artificial announcements and fake features are published on social media whilst you try to avoid receiving a pinch punch first of the month... yes it's April 1.

For many, April 1 may feel like any other spring day, particularly off the back of a long Easter weekend. But for those pranksters intent on causing havoc, it is their day to shine. Although its origins are unknown, April Fools' Day is a hallmark of the social calendar, leaving us to remain vigilant and stay alert when reading any exciting new announcements.

What began as gags attempting to hoodwink your family members has quickly become an internet-wide sensation as big companies and brands have joined the action. They now catch unsuspecting people posting hoaxes like Robinson’s ham and pineapple flavoured squash and Tinder banning the use of ‘fish’ pictures in profiles.

So, whilst you polish off your Easter eggs this bank holiday, we created a top five breakdown of the best pranks of April Fool’s Day so far. If you fell for any of these, do not worry you are certainly not alone…

EasyJet holidays controversial EasyJet ‘Holibobs’ rebrand

EasyJet announced it was rebranding to EasyJet Holibobs due to a high number of internet searches

EasyJet Holidays revealed its brand new title as a ‘comedic rebrand’ to grow their popularity. Following "extensive market research" it discovered the term was searched over 35 million times on TikTok. The company, knowing full well it was using almost every annoying phrase in modern English, tweeted: “Whether you’re looking for a summer holibob with your huns, a Chrimbo holibob with the hubby and famalam or a spring holibob with BAE - we have just the holibob to make your friends jelly.”

Currys announces a tech for Tikka exchange system

Currys announced a curries-for-tech swap

Currys told customers its plans to create a new trade-in system where they could swap your old technology for a free curry. The tech giant tweeted: “You asked and we always deliver… introducing Curries for Tech. We’ve cooked up something special, allowing you to swap tech for tikka! Bring in your old, unwanted tech and swap it for a FREE curry and a £5 Cash for Trash voucher to put towards your next purchase.”

Brand and marketing director for the business Dan Rubel added: “Many customers come to us looking confused and asking for a curry, but lamb rogan josh lovers and chicken faal fans often leave empty handed. We decided enough is enough of feeling like the fool so we are trialling our Curries for Tech scheme, allowing shoppers to help save e-waste from landfill whilst also getting their curry kick for free, at Currys.”

Telegraph issues warning about German rule to recruit Harry Kane for Euro 2024

The Telegraph revealed that Harry Kane will be lining up for the German national team at this summer's tournament. Euro 2024 is regarded as England's best chance to win an international tournament since their World Cup victory in 1996.

However, Germany, the host nation for the Euros, has come up with a plan to thwart the three Lions using an obscure law. The 1898 Foreign Nationals (football) Act passed by the Bundestag, which states that players can only represent the country in which they are resident.

Leon creates Aioli-inspired toothpaste

One for garlic lovers everywhere, the food giant has subverted your stereotypical toothpaste and opted for a creamy and tangy aioli inspired flavour. The Aioli Brite product is promised to “take your breath away”.

Toolstation launches scent for tradies

Pour Homme, Pour femme and Pour tradie. Toolstation has focused on an innovative fragrance-based prank this year announcing a new range of perfumes for all trades. Sawdust Seduction, Plumbers Paradise and Welding Whisper are aimed at tradespeople and DIYers looking for a smell to reflect their work.

The retailer wrote on social media: “Bask in elegant tones of fragrances that transcend time itself. Awaken your soul with notes of sawdust, unveil a captivating journey through the rich scents of plumbing, and ignite the flames of desire with whispers of welding.”