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Horoscopes: What does 2024 have in store for you?

What does 2024 have in store for you? These are the horoscopes for the year ahead, by Patrick Arundell.

Your life, according to the stars.

Aries (March 21 – April 20)

With Saturn and Neptune continuing their joint deep dive in your sector of mysteries and endings, This is a year when coming to terms with strands of your life that are more in the past is going to be part of the celestial plan. Concurrent to this, the fabulous North Node, back with you again after an eighteen-year absence, and the glorious Aries Solar Eclipse of the 8th of April, beautifully align with the healer Chiron, and can bring huge potential for new beginnings and so much goodness. Embracing the part of your nature that likes freshness, new initiatives and getting on the front foot means you can juggle between these two contrasting sets of energies. Just be aware however, that with Mercury the planet of communication rewinding in Fire signs for all but ten days in the summer, not everything you try will go exactly to plan. However, do keep trying! Indeed, the second Solar Eclipse of the year of the 2nd of October can repay your bravery, particularly around your relationship sector, when a significant development is possible. Ironically in the dying embers of December your ruler Mars slows down, but this simply urges you to double down on expressing your talents.

Taurus (April 21 – May 21)

Jupiter, the planet of growth, opportunities and good fortune, starts this year in your sign, and in a really positive alliance with the Sun, in one of the best angles possible in astrology. This suggests that you should have maximum faith in what you set out to achieve. May can turn out to be a particularly upbeat month for you, and sees your ruler Venus merge quite wonderfully with the electric energies of Uranus on the 18th and with Jupiter on the 23rd. This could coincide with a new romance, developing an exciting creative project or a dazzling new look. A slice of fortune linked to finances or resources is also possible. But it will be important to stay mindful of your inner world throughout 2024. You may surprise yourself after a very vigorous past few years by feeling the need to throttle back and to have moments of complete tranquillity and peace. Your professional world could also be set to go through some kind of big shift, and supporting these moments of rest and giving yourself permission to recharge can be key. You may even find yourself keen to embrace a new kind of diet, exercise routine or job from early October, one that gives you a better work/life balance. A desire to make changes at home is possible even as late as December.

Gemini (May 22 – June 21)

Mercury, your ruling planet, takes on a fiery vibe in all but one of its three ten-week retrograde cycles, which are always important. This is sure to add intensity to your natural talent for discussion, ideas and technology, but it could also mean that not everything goes quite to plan, especially around relationship matters. Why might this be? Well, Mercury starts 2024 in retreat and in one of its less favoured locations, close to the planet of action, desire and instant gratification, Mars. This combination will likely impact on your interactions with others, but you can find yourself keener to set firmer boundaries all year and push back where you feel people don’t take you seriously enough. You can turn this into a positive too though, by being more go-getting when it comes to your love life. Singleton? This duo can see you rethinking your approach and being more daring and proactive. Involved? You can be more in need of sparky debates and flirty challenges. The two Solar Eclipses this year in April and October, and the helpful North Node in Aries, urge you to mix and mingle and socialise where possible. The luck planet Jupiter joining your sign on the 23rd of May for the rest of the year can help to galvanise a new cycle lasting for the next twelve years, bringing greater hope, optimism and daring, with the following seven months of the year bringing all sorts of new opportunities your way.

Cancer (June 22 – July 23)

Many of us start each new year making our resolutions, with the intention of sticking to them. And how many of us actually do? Well, the big news, Cancer, is that your determination to do so as 2024 begins can be strong. This is because Mercury and Mars are bonded in the part of your situation which will see you wanting to get fitter and more active or shake up your work. With Jupiter in your sector of friendship and group activities also being urged on by the Sun, your competitive streak will be aroused but in a fun way, so it is great for renewing a gym membership or upping your activities sports-wise, perhaps with a friend. In fact, your connections to others can be really strong, be it socially or professionally, right through to the early summer. The New Moon in Cancer of the 5th of July emphasises the social whirl, but then you may find yourself wanting a bit more time for yourself, and the second half of the year, primed by the Lunar Eclipse of the 18th of September in Virgo, could see you researching topics that appeal to you, travelling more and just taking stock. Your instincts for quiet and peacefulness can be aroused by early October. Some Crabs may redecorate, move home or start a business from the comfort of their abode. But crucially, chances are you’ll still be upholding those January pledges!