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11 fun naughty elf ideas as family Christmas tradition returns

Christmas is nearing and naughty elves are coming out to play...

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For many families, this has become a fun Christmas trend that often entertains the kids – we are, of course, talking about placing naughty elves around the house.

Yes, it's time to get our long-limbed friends out of the Christmas decor box, and wait for the kids to find them doing something cheeky.

Parents have taken to social media to share the fun and give some inspiration on where to place your naughty little elf.

Here are some of the best ones:

1. Elves in the chocolate box

The elves broke into the Christmas Celebrations box before anyone else! It's vital that you eat some chocolates for this one to work...

2. Elves eating the cereal

The elves are helping themselves to breakfast!

3. Elves trying their hand as a make-up artist

The elves are getting creative with this one.

4. Elves in the blender

"Do not try this at home!"

5. Elves having a relaxing spa day

After a day of mischief, the elves have a relaxing bubble bath.

6. Elves being adventurous

The elves try being ninja warriors.

7. Elves messing around

The elves have come out to play, and certainly left their mark.

8. Elves showing off their artistic flair

The elves leaving a funny little note or picture.

9. Elves making dinner

Very naughty elves with some very evil dinner plans.

10. Elves watching the match

Elves kicking back with a can of Stella.

11. Elves on the Ring doorbell

A special visitor is at the door.

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