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Our review of Disney 100 The Concert: A show full of adventure, nostalgia and true Disney magic

The Disney 100 concert was an opportunity for fans of the legendary company, both young and old to sit down and enjoy moments of joy and happiness that Disney brings to our lives.

Disney 100
Disney 100

It is often said that Disney is for kids, and I, as a self-confessed Disney super-fan and addict, wholeheartedly disagree.

Disney is for everyone, young, or old, and the Disney 100 concert was a true reflection of that.

Disney 100, Resorts World Arena, Birmingham.

Disney 100: The Concert is a multimedia experience featuring legendary film scenes throughout the decades on a giant screen, whilst the magical musical moments are brought to life by the Hollywood Sound Orchestra.

To celebrate 100 years of the Walt Disney company, the concert has been touring the UK, and now it was being held at the Resorts World Arena in Birmingham.

Disney 100.

Strictly Come Dancing star and Disney super-fan, Janette Manrara hosted the evening and she was a fantastic host, engaging with the crowd, sharing our love for the company that has brought so much joy, happiness, and feel-good moments into our lives.

The show began with a compilation of scenes from Disney movies throughout the years, with background music playing, providing pure nostalgia, and feelings of 'wow', I remember watching this as a kid, or I haven't seen that movie in such a long time - it truly brought on the feels.

Then the classic and famous opening credits that we all know and love, the Disney castle which is accompanied by When you wish upon a star, and this gave the a taste of how great the orchestra were going to be on the evening.

Disney 100

We then kicked off with an absolute classic, Be our Guest, from Beauty and the Beast, and wow was it a stunning rendition. The ensemble put on an incredible performance, and it gave the feeling of close your eyes and just listen to it, and you could almost feel like you're in the dining room in the Beauty and the Beast as the characters sing and dance with Belle.

Janette Manrara once again spoke with those in attendance, and again, as I looked around, I see adults sitting, smiling, taking in the pure nostalgia that is being put on show.

The soloists and performers have strong musical theatre pedigree, including the West End, Broadway, and beyond. Bessy Ewa, Charlie Burn, Cleve September, Anton Zetterholm, Roberta Valentini, Georgina Hagen, Richard-Salvador Wolff, Tobias Joch and Masengu Kanyinda, all performed on the night, putting on a spectacular show.

Disney 100

There's a thing in life where you have a bad day, and you just want to put on a Disney move and forget about the worries of life, and get lost in the world of love, adventure and magic, and this two-hour performance was exactly that. Giving you the feel-good feeling inside, reliving childhood memories of watching Disney movies, being carefree, and getting lost in the magic, adventure and incredible joy Disney brings.

We heard songs from classic movies such as Peter Pan, Hercules, Princess and The Frog, Hunchback of Notre Dame, and once that got the crowd going, Frozen.

Hearing Let it Go sang live was truly breathtaking, and once again, the ensemble were nothing short of spectacular and performed it so, so well, it brought on a raucous applause.

This was followed by an announcement that a third Frozen movie was in the works, something that pleased the crowd as the movies starring Anna and Elsa are firm favourites with millions worldwide.

Disney 100

My favourite moment from the show was looking back at the man that started it all, Mr Walter Elias Disney.

Without Walt, there would be no Disney. Without his wacky yet brilliant brain, there would be no Mickey Mouse, no 100 years of legendary movies and music.

So, sharing about Walt and his love for creating characters, movies and music, was a poignant touch and a reminder that without him, all of this simply wouldn't have existed.

There is a famous quote, 'it all started with a mouse', well Janette correctly said that it actually started with a man and a mouse, and it was a beautiful moment to almost thank Walt for bringing the wonderful world of Disney into our lives.

We then went onto love songs from the movies that have graced our screens, and these included stunning renditions of a Whole new World from Aladdin, the title song of Beauty and the Beast which was absolutely stunning along with the ballroom scene being shown on the big screen - this was undoubtedly the best song of the night.

Disney 100

Of course we heard about the guy we don't talk about, Bruno, from Encanto, which served as a reminder that we were here for the young children too, as they sang along to arguably the most famous Disney song in recent years.

Following the interval we blasted into the incredible mind of George Lucas as we went through the battles scenes from Star Wars whilst hearing the orchestra play the theme song composed by John Williams.

There was also a trip to the world of Marvel, where we went back through the years of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which again despite it only being 10 to 15 years ago, felt like a trip down memory lane watching scenes from the movies whilst hearing the famous orchestra playing the theme to the Avengers, it was almost as if I was going to see Iron Man, Captain America, Thor and the crew blast through the roof any minute now - again, so good.

Going through the years, we heard favourites from the Little Mermaid, with Part of your World receiving a standing ovation as it was sang so beautifully.

The crowd in the Resorts World Arena all had a sing-a-long to The Bare Necessities from the Jungle Book, which was fun hearing us all sing our hearts out, followed by the famous Toy Story song, you got a friend in me, from the fabulous Randy Newman.

The show closed out with songs from the Lion King, but as the orchestra and ensemble bowed to say goodbye, they returned for more and more, starting with Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, which they brilliantly got the crowd involved with, as each section sang a part of the famous tongue-twister word.

Disney 100

And it finally came to a close with Hakuna Matata from the Lion King, and it means no worries, and it was poignant to end with a song, as once again, that is what the world of Disney does, allows you to enter the world of magic, adventure, and forget about the worries of life - and this concert did exactly that, it was nothing short of spectacular and did the Walt Disney company proud.

Disney 100

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