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The Fizzogs head to Asia after viral success

Dancing grannies sensation The Fizzogs have won over thousands of fans in the UK – but now the comedy trio are taking on Asia.


A staggering eight million people have now viewed the group's Dancing Grannies routine after a video of them was picked up by a Mongolian record label.

The video shows Fizzogs Sue Hawkins, Deb Nicholls and Jacky Fellows performing one of their dances to South Korean star Psy's 'Gangnam Style' at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in the summer.

It is the second time the Grannies have been projected onto the internet, after their dance at the Stourbridge Festival went viral earlier this year.

But this latest outbreak of Fizzog mania has mystified the three founder members of the group.

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Sue Hawkins said: "We don't really know how the Mongolian company picked up the video. Maybe it's because the music is by a South Korean pop star which would explain its appeal in the Far East. We haven't a clue what is being said on the Mongolian Facebook page about us.

"We have tried it get it translated via Google without any success. What we might do now is contact the Mongolian Embassy in London to see if they can help us. The response to the video has been amazing.

"At one time we calculated it was being viewed at the rate of 8,000 times a minute. It's just gone crazy."

The Mongolian record company site is called 'Zowhon Sonirholtoi Bichleg Zurag'. Fellow member, Deb Nicholls, described the foreign interest as being key to promoting the Black Country people in a positive


"You hear so many stories lately about the area being not the best place to live, yet we want to show other countries that in the Black Country we are fun-loving, good hearted people," she said.

"To think that our dialect is even appealing to those as far away in Mongolia is amazing.

"It's bonkers that the video views just keep getting more and more too.

"We've had an amazing time this year, and Fringe festival has brought all of this about - it is incredible."

The Fizzogs are now back on home territory after a successful summer when they performed to rave reviews at the Edinburgh Fringe and a sell-out audience at Wolverhampton's Grand Theatre.

They are currently rehearsing for their pantomime which will go on tour around the Midlands from next month.

The show is called 'Freezin', a Black Country spoof of the hit movie 'Frozen'.

For more information visit their website here.

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