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Magician twins Kane and Abel in Bridgnorth

Twin brothers Ed and Laurence Gibbons, aka Kane and Abel, have a few tricks up their sleeves, writes Andy Richardson.


Twin brothers Ed and Laurence Gibbons, aka Kane and Abel, have a few tricks up their sleeves,

writes Andy Richardson


Their stage name was inspired by the most famous siblings of all time, Cain and Abel, but the similarities between the biblical brow beaters and Shrewsbury twins Laurence and Ed Gibbons begin and end there.

Laurence and Ed, who spell their stage name Kane and Abel, have thrilled fans from Southampton to Edinburgh during an eight-year career. Their next engagement is at Bridgnorth's Theatre On The Steps tonight (Friday, July 29, 2011) at 9pm as part of the Shropshire Fringe 2011.

They'll perform magic, comedy and rope tricks during an hour-long show. Their audience can expect to see the brothers read minds, break world records, amputate limbs and even re-create their birth.

Laruence, aged 24, said: "We've been doing this professionally for about eight years now. Our grandfather, Bryan Francis, from Condover, was our inspiration.

"Bryan spent years saying 'Hey boys, watch this', then performing tricks. We were very impressed but he didn't want to take it further.

"Then, when I was 15, I had a kidney operation. My grandfather came to see me in hospital and gave me a book called 101 Card Tricks. That was it for me.

"When I went back to school, I started to perform. The kids at Wakeman School would come up to me and I'd have them spellbound."

Laurence went from performing to an audience comprising his two best mates to the entire school.

"It was a great way of making friends, I got a real buzz from impressing people, particularly at that age. It's the entertaining element that I enjoy."

Laurence's brother, Ed, followed in his sibling's slipstream. Soon, they'd formed a double act and were wowing crowds across the UK, performing at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and planning greater things.

"We've never used our twin-ship as a trick, although I'm sure we could. We thought we might have one of us in a box, shave off our hair, and the other twin then appear with hair – although we could only do that once.

"To be honest, we're happy with the act and we're quite different in our appearance, Ed's clean cut but I've got a beard and am a little bit hairier."

Kane and Abel will also appear tomorrow at 7.30pm with a brand new, cutting edge magic show with classic effects to which they have added their own unique twist.

Meanwhile, tonight's performance will be preceeded at 7.30pm by a varied programme of dance, circus and curiosities with Impact Fusion Arts Company and Three Parts.

There will be contemporary and belly dancing before a short performance by circus and aerial artist Ben Phillips, a new member to the company.

The final act will feature a hula hoop dance performance presented by Jenna Brook.

All tickets are available from the Box Office in Bridgnorth Library, Listley Street Bridgnorth, on 01746 763257.

Andy Richardson

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