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Bruno Lage aiming for 'three or four' more Wolves additions

Wolves boss Bruno Lage reveals he is targeting another ‘three or four top players’ before the end of the transfer window.

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Supporters have been calling for more signings with the new season now only a week away.

But with the Euros dominating the summer, August was always set to be the busiest month and Lage insists the club are working on adding more competition to the squad.

Lage said: “It’s a process. I think we need three or four guys (more players) in different positions. I don’t say now the positions. Top players to help us to be competitive, because, see the good example is what happened with Raul last year.

“If you miss Raul, OK we had Fabio who did very well, but we need every time to put all the positions in the competitive (environment). I think we have a good squad, we can improve it, we have one month to work on that and two weeks to work on the pitch to be competitive. That’s the plan.

“They (the club) already know what I want, the profiles. I’m very happy for now. Jose...we lose one goalkeeper, you know Patricio had a lot of experience but I believe Jose can do good work here. Also John (Ruddy), very happy with him. Strong goalkeeper, experienced. I’m very happy with both keepers and also the two kids, so we’re working with four, very happy with them.

“Yerson and Trincao, I think they’re the right players. I already said yesterday to the chief scout this is the type of people we want. Trincao, good opportunity to come for the club to help and be competitive in one position. Also Yerson, good person, good kid, he wants to learn and comes hungry to create a career, very happy also with that.

“This is the way, this is a process and I think we are in a good way because what we did with the guys who come, everyone is happy.”

When asked if he has the final say on signings, Lage added: “When we start talking to people, Wolves try to link everyone in the process, that’s also my way to work. All the departments of the club are being fantastic, they want to know my ideas. In the first days I was in the hotel, I tried to meet everyone, we did a lot of zoom meetings to know everyone and start to work as soon as possible.

“They also want to know my ideas, especially the chief scout, ‘what do you think about the team, what’s the profile you want for the positions we want?’.

“I try to involve everyone in this process, to hire competitive players and create a competitive team.”