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Aston Villa worker hits out at bosses

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The resignation letter of a Villa employee from Rugeley has gone viral after she hit out at the hierarchy of the Premier League's bottom club.


Elaine Rose, who has been a Villa fan for 40 years, worked in the Trinity Road Stand reception for the last six years, but has quit after becoming disillusioned with life at Villa Park.

In an interview with BBC West Midlands this morning, she said: "Nobody seems to care about the position we're in at the moment. Staff morale is at rock-bottom at the moment - we all had to reapply for our own jobs at the beginning of the season. They got rid of members of staff who had been there over 40 years saying they weren't capable of doing their own jobs.

Elaine's letter of resignation, which was leaked on Twitter by @AVFCTransTweet


"It's just dreadful there and nobody seems to care about the position of the club and what's going on. Players are coming out of the changing room after the game laughing and joking with each other even though we've just had a big defeat.

"It's just soul destroying, I can't bare to watch it anymore."

She goes on to add: "The hierarchy have got no regard for the supporters whatsoever. If anybody has got anything bad to say, they are banned from the ground, ejected and have their season ticket taken off them. They are just not interested.

"The head guy at the moment has hired himself two bodyguards to stand around him in the directors' box because he doesn't want to take any abuse from fans - the CEO Tom Fox - and if anybody hurls any abuse or says anything then they are out, no questions asked."

She also claimed that Villa, who did not sign a single player in the transfer window, were sending staff home at half-time to save money as they prepare for the financial hit of relegation to the Championship.

"They've cut back so much they are even sending members of staff home at half-time to save money. They must save £20 on each person.

"I had to walk back to my car and took abuse off Villa supporters because I've got my Villa uniform on. I'm as heartbroken as the rest of them, but because I've got my Villa uniform on, they have got to take their frustrations out on someone."

Elaine had posted the letter to her colleagues on Facebook, but a picture of it found its way on to Twitter, and was quickly being shared by thousands of supporters.

Randy Lerner

In the letter she wrote: "The saddest letter I've ever had to send - I wish to tender my resignation with AVFC.

"I have been a supporter of the club for over 40 years, following them at home and away and can no longer work for the American owners who have no respect for our history and heritage.

"It breaks my heart to see how the soul has been ripped out of this once great club all in the name of saving money.

"I'm sorry to say that since Randy Lerner took over, AVFC has gone from TLC to PLC.

"I loved my job at Aston Villa but can no longer stand and watch their demise by American owners/CEOs who have no idea of running a football club."