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New Zealand to ban vapes to prevent minors from taking up the habit

Financial penalties will also be stepped up for anyone who sells such products to youngsters.

New Zealand Vapes Ban

New Zealand has said it will ban vapes and raise financial penalties for those who sell such products to minors.

The move comes less than a month after the government repealed a unique law enacted by the previous left-leaning administration to phase out tobacco smoking by imposing a lifetime ban on young people buying cigarettes.

New Zealand’s associate health minister Casey Costello said e-cigarettes remain “a key smoking cessation device” and the new regulations will help prevent minors from taking up the habit.

“While vaping has contributed to a significant fall in our smoking rates, the rapid rise in youth vaping has been a real concern for parents, teachers and health professionals,” Ms Costello said.

Under the new laws, retailers that sell vapes to children under 18 years of age will face fines of up 100,000 New Zealand dollars (£47,600), while individuals will be fined 1,000 New Zealand dollars (£476).

Other regulations introduced will prevent e-cigarettes from being sold with images that might appeal to young people or with enticing names.

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