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Star comment: Taking the pulse of our NHS

There was a time when Britain truly ruled the waves.

Aneurin Bevan MP opening the NHS on July 5, 1948, in Manchester. (Picture: Trafford Healthcare NHS Trust/PA Wire)

Whether it was football or commerce, industry or the creative arts, there have been lengthy periods in our history when Brits have been world-beaters.

As time has moved on, and as other nations have emerged, we’ve gradually slipped from view. We’re no longer likely to win a football World Cup, win the most golds at the Olympics, export goods and services around the world, or maintain a democracy that is the envy of nations around the world.

Over a period of time, and particularly in recent years, we’ve fallen further and further down the pecking order.

And yet, against that backdrop, one achievement continues to reign supreme. The NHS, which is celebrating its 75th anniversary, is among the finest health care systems in the world.