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Star comment: Is Wales digging itself in a hole with tourism tax?

A tourism tax for Wales will help local authorities in popular area improve facilities for visitors. Is that really true?

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Or is the proposed tourism tax just another layer of useful revenue that handily only impacts on visitors and not the local population.

People across this region love Wales. It is close, it is beautiful and the welcome is warm. But the Welsh government should be careful how they step.

Many would resent paying a tax purely for the right to stay in another part of the United Kingdom. Wales is not, after all, a theme park. It is a working part of the UK that makes a contribution to the Exchequer and has proud traditions and heritage.

During the ongoing cost of living crisis, an extra few pounds on a week’s stay in Barmouth would be unwelcome - and would certainly be enough of a deterrent to some, meaning fewer would visit.