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Star comment: Act now as time is running out on mortgage crisis

The ticking time bomb that is mortgage rate rises is about to explode.

If Martin Lewis. is worried, we should be worried

The warning comes from Martin Lewis. And if he is worried, we should be worried.

He is the man a nation listens to because he is non-political and cuts through the rhetoric.

He says we have reached a tipping point and people are in trouble. We can expect thousands to lose their homes through defaulting on their mortgages in the months to come. The answer is that people must reassess their lives as, without help from the Government and with the cost of living crisis still raging, times will never have been tougher.

The cost of rents and mortgages have gone through the roof. Banks have been quick to make profits but slow to provide assistance, hiking mortgage rates quickly but being much slower when it comes to increasing rates for savers.