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Star comment: Journey to a fairer society still ongoing

Britain has so much to do to become a fairer place for all. But we should also look at the positive steps we have taken as a society.

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The UK is a better place to live as a minority than other major western democracy such as the USA, Germany or France, according to a new study.

But many black and Asian people still face discrimination in their everyday lives, according to the report. Others, from Eastern Europe, also face challenges and those have risen since the divisive vote to leave the EU.

Ahead of the 75th anniversary this month of the arrival of the HMT Empire Windrush to Britain, the British Future think tank sought to gather a “state of the nation” picture of public attitudes on race, identity and prejudice.

The fact is, huge steps have been taken in the last couple of decades to tackle discrimination. The West Midlands is a melting pot and many areas are an example to others of people living together and both understanding and celebrating each other’s cultures. Those that came to our region from Asia or the Caribbean have contributed greatly economically and have enriched our country in so many ways.

But racism is still out there and we should never let up efforts to stamp it out. We should be proud of our country and ensure it is a land of opportunity for all.

This region has led the way and many can learn about tolerance, inclusion and diversity from the West Midlands. We are justly proud of the changes that have taken place in recent decades, while we continue to strive for more. We all have a part to play in getting along.


Fewer veterans make it to the beaches each year. But it is important that we remember D-Day, even when there are no living survivors.

D-Day marked the beginning of liberation from tyranny for much of Europe. Tragically, it did not mark the end of wars, and the latest developments in Ukraine illustrate once again the cost of conflict. We must always strive to fight aggression whilst promoting peace.

Britain played a huge role in shaping the world, by standing up to Hitler’s aggression and enduring monumental sacrifice. We stood firm and can be proud of those who gave their lives. Many families were impacted and across Europe it is horrifying to see wars waged again.

We must never forget the sacrifices that were made in the name of peace and we must uphold very British traditions of valour, courage and resilience as we face down further threats.