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Star comment: Apologies are fine but we need action on water pollution

The news that sewers will be upgraded to cut overflows and prevent the leaks that have become all too common in our precious waterways will be welcomed.

Protesters against sewage

Yet the apology from Water UK will leave a bitter taste for many. Why has it taken this long for the issue to be addressed? And while the billions of pounds of investment is clearly needed, the bill for this should not sit with us, the consumers.

Vast sums have been paid out in shareholder dividends at a time when the water services provided in the UK have been unfit for purpose. The backwards steps that we’ve taken in recent years have caused outrage. People simply do not want to be prevented from enjoying coastal areas or rivers because they are polluted by foul water.

It’s been a source of real anger for many people that water companies have failed to uphold the standards that the general public would expect, while siphoning profits away to shareholders, rather than investing.