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Star comment: Zoos a modern day ark for endangered species

The world is changing as global warming and manmade activity decimates the natural habitats of animals and wild species around the globe.

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Dudley Zoo's Bornean orangutang Djmat with babies Jim and Joe

An increasing number of creatures are becoming extinct as we encroach into the spaces that they once called home. That means there’s an increased role to play for zoos and safari parks, especially with the sad loss of species and their habitat across the globe.

Dudley Zoo is involved in international conservation work, and West Midlands Safari Park, which is marking its 50th year, also does great work, along with the likes of Chester Zoo, in our region.

Zoos can be controversial and animals are obviously better off seen in the wild.

However, without such institutions, the number of species around the world will continue to diminish as wildlife loses habitat to the activities of man.

There is an important leisure function for zoos and safaris to play, as they entertain families on a day out. More importantly, they also act as an insurance policy for species that are in danger of disappearing.

A number of species have been protected by such institutions over the years, with important breeding programmes helping to manage numbers. It is also possible to reintroduce species to the wild, with zoos and safari parks providing respite for a range of animals, birds, fish, and insects until such time that they can be returned to their natural homes.


Camilla will become the nation’s Queen when King Charles III enjoys his coronation. She deserves the support of our nation, having shown herself to be a very able and likable consort who works hard for causes she believes in.

All families have problems - the Royal Family’s issues run deep and are played out in public; to be constantly in the public eye must be nightmare-ish.

But as we head to the Coronation, the Queen Consort has managed to turn herself from Charles’s ‘other woman’ during his troubled marriage, to a loyal and hard-working member of the Firm.

She has huge shoes to step into, following the glorious reign of Queen Elizabeth II, and has shown herself to be adept, charming, and discreet.

It is time for us to get behind Camilla, as well as Charles, as she devotes herself to public service.