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Toby Neal: Could car charges be Britain’s new Brexit?

Could this be a new Brexit? It is a troubling question causing a tremor of concern in the circles of the good people who know what’s good for the people.

ULEZ – a vote loser

The disquiet arises out of the stunning result of the Uxbridge by-election which, through extraordinary efforts, Labour failed to win.

All sides agree that the reason the Tories unexpectedly retained the seat was local opposition to London’s ultra low emission zone, a measure designed to cut health-damaging air pollution.

Who in their right mind could oppose that? Well, a voter who can’t see what’s in it for them, that’s who.

The deal laid before Uxbridge folk amounted to this. When the zone is expanded into Uxbridge, people living there who are struggling during a cost of living crisis and who cannot afford newer cars will have to pay £12.50 a day as a punishment for the pollution they are causing with their old bangers.

You want to save the planet, but it’s a hard pill to swallow.