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Peter Rhodes on war cries, Rwanda and a new job for Mr McFadden

A golden rule of journalism is not to use words that send readers rushing for the dictionary, especially twice in the same phrase. One of Fleet Street's finest describes Keir Starmer as “a vacillating bloviator.” I assume this means the PM has a private flying licence.

Ritualised warfare

Another rule of journalism is to remember the things you get right while forgetting the things you get wrong. In April 2022 I wrote: “Something must be done about the Channel people-smuggling trade. But if sending migrants to Rwanda is the answer, I'm Ramsay MacDonald.”

Now that the Rwanda plan has been scrapped after the British taxpayer has built so many chic hotels, canteens and sports facilities in Kigali, we might see a sudden rush of cheap holiday offers: See beautiful Rwanda – now with a two-way ticket.