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Peter Rhodes on marbles, munitions and a row over Britain's imperial emissions

Oh, dear. We seem to have offended the Greeks again over the Elgin Marbles (aka Parthenon Sculptures).

The Elgin Marbles – time to find a new owner?

Is there not a simple solution to stop Athens pestering us, while at the same time showing goodwill to another difficult nation? I suggest we put the marbles in a large packing case with an Xmas card marked “A present from Great Britain”, and send them all to Argentina. Sort the bones out of that, lads.

According to the BBC's climate editor, Justin Rowlatt, the United Arab Emirates planned to use its role as the host of the COP 28 climate talks as an opportunity to sell oil and gas. Leaked documents revealed plans to discuss fossil-fuel deals with 15 nations. Which merely proves that while the world's climate may be increasingly unpredictable, sheiks will always be sheiks.