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Peter Rhodes on a minister's pain, the Birmingham Six and the case against Lucy Letby

Headline this week: “Rapists barred from early release.” Behold, a government talks tough on crime. Must be the conference season.

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Lucy Letby – set to appeal.

The Tory levelling-up minister Dehenna Davison, 30, resigns from government because of chronic migraine saying she can't “keep up with the demands of ministerial life.” Or if my experience is any guide, with the demands of any kind of life.

Unless you've had a migraine you can't imagine how debilitating they are. I suffered for about ten years. They came on suddenly in my 40s and followed a predictable pattern. I had one migraine every six months or so and they lasted for about six-and-a-half hours. I had vomiting, diarrhoea and a headache that seemed to spread to every part of the body. No amount of over-the-counter tablets brought any relief. The only cure was bed-rest and time. And the only benefit was the bizarre sensation that followed each migraine, a curious feeling of physical and mental cleansing.