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This police officer stopped to rescue an injured cat and it will warm your heart

The cat had reportedly suffered leg injuries on the road.

A cat being rescued in Tennessee

This picture of a police officer stopping traffic to save a cat is wholesomeness personified.

The photo was taken by Sean Lovegrove in Clarksville, Tennessee, on New Year’s Eve after the injured animal was spotted on the road.

“When he (the officer) tried to pick it up it clawed at him and scurried into our parking lot and underneath my car,” Sean told the Press Association.

“We couldn’t get it out from underneath so the officer called animal control to come and get the cat since there wasn’t a tag or any identification.

“Eventually the gentleman from animal control came and picked up the cat and said they’d get her fixed up. He said it was a young female and looked like it had a broken back leg, possibly two.”

A cat being rescued in Tennessee
(Sean Lovegrove)

Fingers crossed our feline friend makes a full recovery – it has the police to thank for holding on to the rest of its nine lives.

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