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Weather predicted to turn autumnal for UK in coming week

Rain, sunny spells and blustery winds are all predicted.

Autumnal weather

The weather is predicted to be more autumnal this week – with showers, cloudy skies and sunny spells expected across the four nations.

The Met Office has said the south coast of England is predicted to see heavy showers to begin with, before blustery winds move in and clouds take over for England and Northern Ireland.

Some western parts, including Wales and western England, may see sunny spells – while scattered showers are predicted for northern Scotland and some parts of north-west England.

Southern and coastal parts of England on Monday could see highs of 16-17C, while Scotland is expected to see a maximum of 13C.

Wales and Northern Ireland, as well as the rest of England, are predicted to see highs of 13C.

Alex Burkill, a meteorologist at the Met Office, said the weather on Monday is going to indicate the move into autumn.

He said: “Early rain in the South will quickly clear and then behind that, otherwise, it’s going to be a blustery, showery day and feeling more autumnal than of late due to a cold north westerly breeze, which will be brisk at times.

“For many, it will be a showery day. There will be some sunny spells, but it will certainly feel colder than it has been.”

He added: “Monday night into Tuesday is going to be a chilly one, perhaps a touch of frost in most prone spots in the countryside.

“Through Tuesday, it’s looking similar to Monday for many as it will be blustery with some showers but also with some sunny spells and still feeling quite chilly.

“The winds will gradually start to ease as we go through Tuesday, so that means it may start to feel a little bit less cold. But overnight Tuesday night into Wednesday is probably going to be even chillier because we’re gonna have some clear skies.

“Wednesday is a continuing theme. Lighter winds than earlier on in the week, but still a chilly feel to things with sunny spells. There will still be some showers around, perhaps towards the west and south west in particular, maybe a bit more persistent rain arriving later on on Wednesday.”

Some parts of northern England could see patches of frost on Tuesday morning, before the blustery winds continue across the UK alongside patches of rain in central England and sunny spells across Scotland and in the north east and north west of England.

A woman walks along a train platform carrying an umbrella
Patches of rain are also predicted across the UK this week (James Manning/PA)

Temperatures on Tuesday are believed to fall again, with England seeing an average of 11-12C, while Wales and Northern Ireland could see 12C on average.

Scotland will meanwhile see a maximum of 11C or 12C.

On Wednesday, the weather is expected to be sunny and bright for most, with patches of rain in Northern Ireland and the north east and eastern parts of England.

Temperatures are expected to level out across the country, with Scotland, Wales, the majority of England and Northern Ireland predicted to see highs of 13C, while the south east and south west coast could see highs of 14C.

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