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Wolverhampton couple who met as teens reveal secret to everlasting love as they celebrate 60 years of marriage

A couple from Wolverhampton who met as teens will mark 60 years of wedded bliss by partying with family and friends.

John and Pauline Pinson are celebrating 60 years of marriage

John and Pauline Pinson, who live in Penn, Wolverhampton, will celebrate their diamond wedding anniversary today, after marrying at the Church of the Epiphany in Oxley on September 28, 1963.

The happy couple began their love story in 1962, when John travelled to Cornwall, where Pauline is from originally, with a friend he had made whilst working as a salesman for Corona, a soft drinks manufacturer.

That friend turned out to be Pauline’s cousin, also called John, who introduced the couple to one another – and the rest is history. John worked at Corona for around 20 years and as a milkman for nine years, before eventually moving on to McCain Foods in Wombourne, where he worked as a forklift driver until he retired at the age of 64. John, who is 79-years-old, said: “Pauline’s cousin kept saying come down to Cornwall and I said no but he kept insisting, so in the end I said ‘okay’ so we went down on the train. Pauline’s mum met us at the station, took us to their house and the next day we went to the village waiting for Pauline to come from work. When I first saw her I thought ‘oh this might not be so bad after all’.”

“It’s been great, I hope I make it to 70 or 80 years (married). I wouldn’t change her for anybody, I love her to bits.