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Wolverhampton Council elections: Full list of candidates standing in this year's poll

This year Wolverhampton Council has switched to 'all out' elections – meaning all 60 seats will be up for grabs when voters head to the polls on May 4.

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Wolverhampton Civic Centre

The elections are also the first to take place under new boundaries, with most wards changing size in a bid to even up the number of voters.

The move has also resulted in some name changes, with Bilston South replacing the old Bilston East ward, and Ettingshall split into Ettingshall North, and Ettingshall South and Spring Vale.

Labour, which currently runs the authority with 44 seats, is fielding a full allocation of 60 candidates.

There has been the usual game of musical chairs with a number of sitting councillors moving to contest new seats, often after being deselected.

They include much-travelled councillor Jas Dehar, who is seeking a new home in Ettingshall South and Spring Vale after being replaced by current Wednesfield South councillor Bhupinder Gakhal in the ultra safe Labour seat of Blakenhall.

Barbara McGarrity will try her luck in Oxley after being deselected in her previous ward, while Sue Roberts has left Oxley for a crack at Bilston North.

A number of senior councillors will be departing the council, including Phil Page, who was deselected in Bilston North after 20 years amid claims he was "too old".

The current mayor, Councillor Sandra Samuels, is standing down having represented Ettingshall since 2009.

Clare Simm (Oxley), Beverley Momenabadi (Ettingshall), Lynne Moran (St Peter's), Olivia Birch (Bilston North) and her husband Paul (Blakenhall) are also on the way out.

Labour is also bidding to start another family dynasty, with Ciaran Brackenridge aiming to serve alongside his father Greg in Wednesfield South.

The party already has multiple family members in four wards.

For the Conservatives, Jonathan Yardley is standing down in Tettenhall Regis after 20 years.

The party has also put forward 60 candidates. They include Wolverhampton Business Forum chair Sham Sharma, who is standing in Park. Wolverhampton North East MP Jane Stevenson's mother Joan Stevenson, a former long-standing councillor in Tettenhall, is the candidate for St Peter's.

The Conservatives are understood to be confident of making gains despite their party's struggles nationally. An extra four seats have been targeted, including Merry Hill and Fallings Park.

However their task has not been made any easier in East Park, where former Tory councillor Steve Hall is standing as an independent alongside his sons' Aaron and Jake.

Labour has also targeted four gains. The Lib Dems have 18 candidates this year, while the Greens have 10 and Reform UK and TUSC have one each.

For the first time at these elections voters will need to show photo ID at polling stations under new Electoral Commission rules.

Current state of play: Labour controlled administration – Lab 44; Cons 16.

Seats up for grabs: 60

*denotes party currently holding seat

Bilston North

Mia Clarke (Green)

Linda Leach (Lab)*

Rohit Mistry (Lab)*

Audrey Okere (Cons)

Dan Perry-Preston (Cons)

Surrinder Ram (Cons)

Sue Roberts (Lab)*

Bilston South

Hristina Atanasova (Lib Dem)

Paul Hammond (Cons)

Rashpal Kaur (Lab)*

Anna Khan (Lib Dem)

Jessica Pringle (Lib Dem)

Mike Rogers (Cons)

Stephen Simkins (Lab)*

Chris Thompson (Cons)

Jill Wildman (Lab)*


Sangeeta Kaur (Cons)

Patrick Bentley (Lib Dem)

Mark Cooper (Cons)

Bhupinder Gakhal (Lab)*

Sally Green (Lab)*

Sunni Kaur (Cons)

Tersaim Singh (Lab)*

Bushbury North

Paul Appleby (Cons)*

Alan Bamber (Lib Dem)

Simon Bennett (Cons)*

Gary Edwards (Lab)

Harry Marston (Lib Dem)

Andrew McNeil (Cons)*

Stephen Russell (Lab)

Rob Siarkiewicz (Lab)

Bushbury South and Low Hill

Ian Brookfield (Lab)*

Paula Brookfield (Lab)*

Simon Hewitt (Cons)

Ann Jenkins (Lib Dem)

Dawn McNeil (Cons)

Paul Sweet (Lab)*

Freya Wastell (Cons)

East Park

Reetu Agrawal (Cons)

Aran Cheema (Cons)

Lovinyer Daley (Lab)*

Aaron Hall (Indep)

Jake Hall (Indep)

Steve Hall (Indep)

Marcin Kruczynski (Green)

Louise Miles (Lab)*

Anwen Muston (Lab)*

Allen Roberts (Cons)

Ettingshall North

Raj Chaggar (Cons)

Jenny Cockayne (Lab)*

Jeszemma Howl (Lab)*

Atul Kumar (Cons)

Stephen Petter (Green)

Zee Russell (Lab)*

Emily Williams (Cons)

Ettingshall South and Spring Vale

Jasbinder Dehar (Lab)

Serge Khunkhun (Cons)

Sian Kumar (Cons)

Lamina Lloyd (Lab)*

Harbinder Singh (Lab)*

Mak Singh (Cons)*

Rosa Van Doorn (Green)

Fallings Park

Chris Burden (Lab)*

Julia Dickens (Cons)

Steve Evans (Lab)*

Valerie Evans (Lab)*

Peter Nixon (Lib Dem)

Sucha Sahota (Cons)

Rob Williams (Cons)


Marlene Berry (Cons)

Amy Bertaut (Green)

Asha Mattu (Lab)*

James Montero (Cons)

John Reynolds (Lab)*

Safyaan Salim (Cons)

Jacqueline Sweetman (Lab)*

Heath Town

Steph Amanze (Cons)

Joseph Bongajum Banla (Cons)

Jasbir Jaspal (Lab)*

Jaspreet Jaspal (Lab)*

Milkinder Jaspal (Lab)*

Kwaku Tano-Yeboah (Green0

Adam Wood (Cons)

Merry Hill

Suki Bains (Lab)

Bryan Cook (Lab)

Wendy Dalton (Cons)*

Paul Darke (Green)

Tony Gething (Cons)

Chris Haynes (Cons)*

Carol Hyatt (Lab)*


Salah Abbes (Lib Dem)

Joshua Allerton (TUSC)

Rachel Ashby-Filippin (Lib Dem)

Alan Butt (Lab)*

Adam Collinge (Cons)*

Jane Francis (Lab)*

Sally Garner (Cons)

Maurice Harris (Cons)

Ian Jenkins (Lib Dem)

Barbara McGarrity (Lab)


Robert Brotherton (Cons)

Craig Collingswood (Lab)*

Claire Darke (Lab)*

David Davies (Cons)

Roger Gray (Lib Dem)

Mike Hardacre (Lab)

Arfan Khan (Lib Dem)

Bryan Lewis (Lib Dem)

Sham Sharma (Cons)


Ranjit Dhillon (Cons)

Kashmire Hawker (Lab)

Steph Haynes (Cons)*

Celia Hibbert (Lab)*

Michael Hopkins (Lib Dem)

Mohammed Naseem (Lab)

Paul Singh (Cons)*

St Peter's

Obaida Ahmed (Lab)*

Qaiser Azeem (Lab)*

David Murray (Lib Dem)

Joan Stevenson (Cons)

Iqra Tahir (Lab)*

Gillian Timms (Cons)

Imre Tolgyesi Stanley (Cons)

Tettenhall Regis

Julian Donald (Lib Dem)

Ben Evans (Lab)

Sarah Fellows (Lib Dem)

Sohail Khan (Cons)*

Bob Maddox (Cons)*

Andrew Morris (Lab)

Chester Morrison (Lab)

Udey Singh (Cons)*

Tettenhall Wightwick

Andrea Cantrill (Green)

Jonathan Crofts (Cons)*

Leigh New (Lab)

Darren Porter (Lab)

Alan Simmons (Lab)

Wendy Thompson (Cons)*

Ellis Turrell (Cons)*

Wednesfield North

Mary Bateman (Lab)*

Phil Bateman (Lab)*

Rita Potter (Lab)*

Joe Stepien (Cons)

Janette Wastell (Cons)

Nathaniel Williams (Cons)

Ayden Young (Green)

Wednesfield South

Ciaran Brackenridge (Lab)

Greg Brackenridge (Lab)*

Jacqui Coogan (Lab)*

Peter Dickens (Cons)

Simon Kelsey (Reform)

Angie Kijak-Davis (Green)

Andy Randle (Cons)*

Lewis Wastell (Cons)


TUSC – Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition