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Wolverhampton artist explores 'uniquely British' phenomenon of PR1V4TE number plates

The uniquely British phenomenon of private number plates are the subject of Wolverhampton based artist Suki Chumber's latest exhibition.

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Suki Chumber has photographed private number plate owners since 2019.

Since 2019 the artist has photographed drivers with their cars and personalised plates around his home town for his exhibition 'PR1V4TES' at Wolverhampton Art Gallery.

He said: "This project has received a huge amount of interest and people are very excited to be involved."

The artist wonders why the private number plate is so popular in the British Asian community.

Wolverhampton private plate owners agreed to be photographed by Suki Chumber

He said: "By having a private car plate do we become more British or something? Or are we just trying too hard to fit in? Is this a British thing?"

Suki is a visual artist who works in photography, painting and installation. His work has been presented in art institutions in the Midlands and London, including Newhampton Arts Centre and MAC, Birmingham.

PR1V4TES is at Wolverhampton Art Gallery until March 26.