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Man who suffered from depression and alcoholism makes unbelievable physical transformation

A man who was suffering from depression and has made an unbelievable transformation, both physically and mentally.

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Danny Baugh's transformation

Danny Baugh was struggling with mental health issues following the breakup of a long-term relationship 2 years ago.

The 35-year-old, who lives in Walsall, says that was the start of a spiral for him, which resulted in him using drink as a comfort.

As time went on, Danny got to a point where once he had started drinking, he would binge for days.

Danny Baugh from Walsall has made an amazing transformation after struggling with alcoholism

Things began to get worse for Danny, and he overdosed multiple times during 2021.

The turning point for Danny came in January this year, when he was in a bad way and was told by doctors he was lucky to be alive after what he put his body through.

He said: "I move from Wolverhampton to Walsall for a fresh start, I left everything behind.

"I started to drink to again, and took numerous overdoses last year, and I couldn't really say why.

"My family were always up and down from Wolverhampton checking on me.

"Around January this year was the last time I was in a bad way, and the doctors told me I was lucky to be alive.

"That was the last time I drunk at all.

"I think I saw the light somewhat at that time, and started to focus on what I wanted to achieve."

As part of his progression, Danny has entered body-building competition and has become successful personal trainer.

He puts a big part of his success down to the support of World's Gym in Walsall.

"The owners at the gym sat me down and had a talking with me," Danny said.

"They put their belief in me, which I don't think I had had before."

On August 15 this year, Danny entered the IBFA A1 classic in Nottinghamshire in which he won silver.

Danny has now been taken on as a sponsored athlete by optimum nutrition and hopes to continue his progression.

"The gym is my happy place, my comfort, and the gym I am at have been very supportive with me.

"When I do feel like drinking, which still happens, I come to the gym.

"I am aiming to take part in three body-building qualifiers and finals this year.

"I want to make my career as a big as I possibly can

"I would also like the reach out to people who are going through a similar thing, to say it is ok the to talk about these things and to be going through stuff.

Danny does his personal trainer work out of Worlds Gym on Queen Street, Walsall

He can be found on Instagram at dannyfitness_pt and on facebook at Danny Baugh PT.