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I tasted the Tyson Fury pie and it packs a punch - champion boxer should definitely try it

The newest creation of a Tipton institution certainly packs a punch to the taste buds.

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Kelly Colledge brings James Vukmirovic his Tyson Fury pie at Mad O'Rourkes Pie Factory

I like a pie and I like beef brisket, so when I heard about the new Tyson Fury pie at Mad O'Rourke's Pie Factory and what it was made from, I knew it was something I wanted to get my teeth into.

The pie is the latest creation of the mad professor of the Pie Factory, owner Pete Towler, following on from such pies as the Hen Pecked Pie made from chicken and mushroom and the Andy Murray Curry pie, as well as the Chicken Kyiv pie for national pie week.

The menu describes it as "Champion British brisket slowly cooked with onions in a rich gravy, topped with puff pastry. Packs a proper punch!" and it has gathered publicity already as the Pie Factory tries to attract the world champion boxer himself to try it.

On arrival at the Pie Factory, I'm struck by how little it has changed since I last visited it about five years ago, with the traditional interior and bathtub on the floor for change to be thrown into.

Had it not been a work day, I'd have even been tempted to try one of the four Lump Hammer ales on offer at the bar, with the ruby mild, gold, bitter and pale ale all excellent additions to a meal.

Having skipped breakfast to get the most out of the pie, I sit with eager anticipation and a rumbling stomach as I see big plates of ribs and other pies being carried out to other customers during the busy lunchtime period.

Then, the big moment comes as the pie arrives with a side of the Pie Factory's famous battered chips, with the puff pastry glistening and a wonderful smell emanating from the bowl it covers.

With no need to stand on ceremony, I take my knife and fork and dig into the pastry, cutting it open to find a huge mass of brisket and a thick gravy.

James gets ready to dig into the Tyson Fury Pie

Cutting up the brisket and taking a bite, I'm struck by the rich flavour of the brisket, which has been cooked really well and is nicely seasoned, as well as mixing well with the onion gravy.

Combining it with the puff pastry really adds to the flavour, as both the meat and the puff pastry melt in your mouth and the quality of the brisket is such that you can keep cutting it up without losing any of the taste of the pie.

While not massive, the quality of the pie is such that the rich flavour and the ingredients mean that you feel full at the end of it, whether you finish it or not, and you will not want to waste the gravy as you can dip your chips into it.

The pie is an excellent addition to the many pies on offer at Mad O'Rourke's Pie Factory and staff at the factory have spoken about how they want to entice Tyson to come and try it.

In my opinion, I think he should have a jab at it as it packs a punch, delivers an uppercut to the taste buds and will leave you knocked out by the quality of it afterwards.