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Prosecution witness says he 'made up story' about defendant admitting stabbing Cody Fisher

A prosecution witness who told police an alleged murderer of Cody Fisher admitted knifing the footballer after leaving a nightclub told jurors he had "made the story up" to avoid being prosecuted.

Cody Fisher.

Jayon Paton-Blake was on the stand at Birmingham Crown Court giving evidence in the murder trial on Thursday.

Mr Paton-Blake was with Remy Gordon, Kami Carpenter and Reegan Anderson in Crane nightclub, Digbeth, when Cody Fisher, 23, was stabbed to death on the dance floor on Boxing Night 2022.

Involved in the brawl which preceded the fatal stabbing Mr Paton-Blake left the club with Carpenter before the pair drove to the Mr Paton-Blake's house.

Mr Paton-Blake told police officers it was during this journey that Carpenter admitted stabbing Cody Fisher.

Crane nightclub, Digbeth

However, when questioned by Michael Duck, prosecuting, Mr Paton-Blake became monosyllabic and not as forthcoming as in his interview with detectives.

Mr Duck asked: "Were you aware of an incident towards the end of the night. How long before you left the Crane did the fight take place?"

Mr Paton-Blake, wearing a black T-shirt, and looking towards the floor, replied: "I can't remember, it was a long time ago."

Mr Duck said: "Can you tell us about the fight you saw?"

The witness replied: "I can't really remember."

When asked who Kemi and Remy were fighting in the club, Mr Paton-Blake said: "They were fighting with Cody Fisher's group."

Mr Duck asked: "Can you remember what started the fight?"

And again Mr Paton-Blake's memory failed him but confirmed there was a fight.

However, when shown a picture of himself, he confirmed that was him and admitted he had been involved in the fight, and that he left with Carpenter in his car.

He said: "I asked what had gone on, what had started it."

Mr Duck said: "What did he say back to you?"

The witness replied: "I can't remember. There was not a lot of discussion."

Frustrated, Mr Duck asked: "You asked the question, can't you remember the answer. How long is the journey between The Crane and your home."

Mr Paton-Blake replied: "About 15 minutes."

He said his father phoned him the next morning to tell him Cody Fisher had been killed, knowing his son was in the club and fighting.

It was with his father who he went to the police station and gave evidence that Carpenter had told him he had stabbed Cody.

However, Mr Paton-Blake told the court he had lied to his father and to the police and that Carpenter did not tell him anything of the sort.

Explaining why he had lied to police about Carpenter admitting being the killer, Mr Paton-Burke said: "It was a story. To make it sound believable. I didn't know anyone had been stabbed. I had a few days to think about it."

Mr Duck then asked if Mr Paton-Blake was frightened of anyone concerning giving evidence. He said he was not.

Cody Fisher played for various non-league football teams in the Midlands including Stourbridge and Bromsgrove. He died from his wounds in the Crane nightclub.

Gordon, 23, is on trial for murder alongside Kami Carpenter, 22, and 19-year-old Reegan Anderson. All deny the charges.

Gordon, of Cofton Park Drive, Birmingham, and Carpenter and Anderson, both of no fixed address, also deny a charge of affray.

The trial continues.

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