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Riddle of mystery pair in family photos - can you help solve it?

While going through her late parents' photographs, Vicky Brown came across this picture which is proving a puzzle as she has no idea who these people are.

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Who are this pair?

So now she is hoping a Star reader may be able to help identify them which would in turn give a clue as to their connection, if any, to her family.

There is no information with the print apart from an Express and Star copyright stamp on the back, which points to the pair – a father and son perhaps? – being from the West Midlands.

The item being held has the wording: "Tonga, The Friendly Islands. Commemorating the first gold coinage of Polynesia."

Vicky said: "I would love to find out who the people in the photograph are. My parents obviously obtained or were given a copy of the photograph for a reason."

She added: "After researching what appears to be coinage being held up in the photograph it came back with dates July 15, 1963, to March 18, 1965. I believe that the photo was taken in 1963 from research of the coin being held up in the picture.

"If any of the people in the photo were known to the family then it would be more my grandparents as my parents would have been too young in 1963. The areas I believe they grew up in and then lived later in life were West Bromwich, Hamstead and Great Barr."

Who are this pair?

It seems that the items in the picture may be gold foil stamps to commemorate Tonga's new coinage, with the figure 15 on the item indicating the price.