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Watch: 'I went to Wombourne to get the best pork bap I've ever had'

Let's be honest, most, if not all, people will admit that they love a sandwich and it's something which is popular across the country.

James Vukmirovic takes a good look at the sandwich before he digs in

More than three million sandwiches are purchased in the UK every year and more than £8 million is spent on all different types of sandwiches across the country.

It's such a popular topic among people that a whole week has been dedicated to the humble sandwich, with British Sandwich Week running between May 20 and May 26 and celebrating the contribution that the sandwich industry makes to the economy.

Each area of the country has a type of sandwich which it is synonymous with and the Black Country is no exception as sandwich shops and butchers across the area work to create the best roast port with stuffing and gravy sandwich.

It seems like a mess, but the combination of well cooked, soft pork mixed with spiced and flavoured stuffing and rich gravy, plus some crisp crackling on the side, is one which I believe cannot be beat as it just tastes fantastic.

Many places across the Black Country claim to have the best pork sandwiches or baps, but Boxley's in Wombourne might be one of the leading distributors for this humble sandwich.

Sat in a prominent position in Wombourne, Boxley's is a place with great food

The butchers in the South Staffordshire town on the edge of Wolverhampton has been a popular place for people to go for fine cuts of meat, as well as sauces and fats to cook the meat and serve it, and it's also very popular for its takeaway food, with pork pies, meat pies and samosas all available to buy.

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