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Love, care and quality are key to great donuts made the traditional way in the Black Country

It's a treat that comes in many shapes and sizes, with fillings and toppings as diverse as peanut butter or as simple as sugar.

Nicola and Peter Westwood show off some of the quality donuts they make

Made popular by TV characters such as Homer Simpson, the donut is a sweet snack that can be bought in supermarkets, bakeries and shops across the region in small to big amounts.

However, one place which still makes them to the traditional recipe of ringed with toppings and leaves customers wanting more than one is Old Tom's Donuts.

The stall is based in Dudley town centre, following on from the original stall in Kidderminster, and sits in a prime location on Castle Street, facing the open air market and on the commuter and shopper area.

The familiar smells of sugar and fried dough can be sensed wafting down the market square, fighting off competing smells from Greggs and other nearby takeaways and enticing people in to enjoy sugar, cinnamon or topped donuts.

Owners Peter and Nicola Westwood have been on that pitch in Dudley for two years and trading as a company for seven years, with Peter having made a career change after talking to his friend Tom, who sold donuts from a stall in Wolverhampton.

The stall has been in Dudley for two years and has become very popular