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'My venue is modern, vibrant and comes with great music'

A town can be enhanced by the quality of its nightlife and, more specifically, by there being a proper night time venue for music and performances.

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The venue can hold up to 700 people and has a modern, yet traditional feel

In Bilston, the night scene is a busy one, full of pubs and venues for people to enjoy a pint and a catch up with friends, and it also has a traditional, yet also very modern and vibrant venue which has featured a plethora of top stars.

The Robin R 'n' B Club on Mount Pleasant has been the centre of music and performances in the town since opening in 1998 after the Robin name originated in Brierley Hill, with the two clubs running alongside each other until the Brierley Hill venue closed in 2003.

The venue has undergone a lot of change over the years

The Robin has undergone several name changes and changes of ownership over time, spending a long time in Bilston as the Robin 2 before changing to its current name after being taken over by Fraser Tranter in 2018.

Mr Tranter said he had seen the venue for many years as a Bilstonian and bought it as an investment, having been aware of the history, but also seeing what he could do with the place.

He said: "The Robin started years ago in Brierley Hill and the former owner moved it over to here, which had previously been the Rising Star, an Afro Caribbean club which was really popular and had started as a drill house in 1901.

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