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Review: We tried M&S' new biscuits which are a fun take on classics – but had mixed feelings

Marks & Spencer is widely known for its high-quality food, so after introducing an exciting biscuit range to the shelves, Star reporters Isabelle Parkin and Lauren Hill conducted the ultimate taste-test to see if they were worth the switch.

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Our reporters Lauren Hill and Isabelle Parkin, and the M&S biscuits

New and unique sweet treats have been hitting the shelves of M&S stores in the last few months.

October 2023 saw the introduction of its 'Outrageously Chocolatey' range, which now involves bourbons and custard creams covered with '50 per cent milk chocolate'.

Earlier this month was the introduction of its 'extra cream' range – bourbons and custard creams with a thicker cream layer.

The range had a predominantly positive response on social media, with Instagram users commenting on the retailer's page things like "these are insanely good" and "you have absolutely knocked it out of the park".

But others were not so sure. So, we thought we'd put them to the test ourselves.

Here is what our reporters, Lauren Hill and Isabelle Parkin, thought.

The new biscuits by Marks and Spencer

Lauren Hill