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Review: Mutton chops were the star of the show at fine dining Indian eatery Delhi 6

Fresh food, excellent service, and an explosion of flavours; a meal at Delhi 6 is not your average Indian takeaway in a cardboard box. The place even has a wine list. When was the last time you went to a curry house with a wine list?

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Kalpasi Lamb

Delhi 6 is a modern Indian restaurant that takes you from a Saturday night chicken madras to a fine dining South Asian experience. The Streetly village restaurant sits on a quiet residential road near Sutton Park, fitting right in as a rather upmarket and classy establishment.

Though the restaurant is only a ten minute drive away from my home, it was the first time I had ever gone there. I had heard a lot of great things from colleagues and friends whose opinions I value quite highly, so that, along with its 4.5 star Google rating, had gotten my hopes up.

The Burrah chops were the highlight of the evening

Arriving at 7pm on a Saturday night, my partner and I thought we would struggle to get a parking space, but there was plenty of street parking right outside the restaurant.

Stepping inside, the decor was sleek and sophisticated and although the restaurant was on the smaller side, the tables were spaced out, giving a very exclusive and luxurious feel. A well-stocked and neat bar stood to one side. Lining the walls around it were multiple certificates and awards. We were in for a treat.

Mint yoghurt, mango chutney, pineapple chutney, and onion salad

What caught my attention from the get-go was the team of attentive, smiling and smartly-dressed waiting staff who spoke to us like we were their friends, but not in such a casual way that you felt like you were at your local.

We were seated and handed a leather-bound menu and the extensive wine list. The wine list was long, and the dinner menu was short - as they should be. A short food menu often means that each dish is cooked using fresh ingredients, with barely anything coming from the freezer.

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